Connecting the Dots for An Art Collaboration

The Birkin that Mint & Serf tagged for Lynn Ban was born out of an idea that Jett Kain (Lynn's husband) had and shared with me.  I was so happy to introduce him to the perfect graffiti artists who matched his vision so well.  Images © Jett Kain

I was very thrilled to connect the dots and act as a matchmaker for this cool collaboration between my dear friends of Mint & Serf, who are featured in my book, and Jett Kain, who is the creative director of Lynn Ban  (Lynn is also a very dear friend of mine who designs some of the most spectacular jewelry I've ever seen).  When Jett told me that he had bought a white Hermes Birkin for Lynn's birthday and that he needed to give it an edge, I immediately thought about "The Mirf", as we affectionately call the duo.  I knew they were the perfect match for Jett's project and would add to the bag that raw "tagging" that is so New York and that they know how to execute so well. I love what they created as it is truthful to their own artistic style and personalities and it is also perfect for Lynn who is a wildly creative person and a fashionista in her own right.  The story was reported in the Daily Mail, Quintessentially and Airingnews and I  got mentioned in all of them! Here's to more art collaborations and successful matches in the future!