Obsessions "Out There" featuring Karen Robinovitz

Karen Robinovitz is an exceptional woman. EXCEPTIONAL with capital letters. I'm not even sure why it took me so long to meet her.  She is a girls' girl; an amazing wife; a supporter of all women who run businesses; a fashionista with an exquisite taste; an art collector; an entrepreneur, an internet whiz and the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Digital Brand Architects

I asked her about her art, design, travel and shopping obsessions and this is what she told me:

Contemporary Artists You Are Obsessed About: 

Jose      Parla (1) the layering and hidden language in his work is truly poetic

Dzine      (2)  his nod to Puerto Rican culture mixed with modern-day glamour give the      work such depth and beauty

Luis      Gispert (3) love the overt homage to our culture's logo and brand obsession      with his car series kill me and his photography is crisp perfection

Marilyn      Minter (4) raw, dirty glamour at its finest 

Matthew      Brandt (5) the way he turns landscapes into colorfully dynamic abstractions      is stunning 

Rachel      Howard (6)  the movement of the paint, the saturation of the colors, the      glossiness and the darkness – she is a master 

Mickalene      Thomas (7) the cultural references, the 70s appeal, the crystals and her vision of women are unabashedly rich and powerful

Tracey      Emin (8) simply put: I will follow her to the sun

Wangechi      Mutu (9) the feminism and feminist statements along with the nuance of her      collage work are mesmerizing; that along with the juxtaposition of      cultural and political commentaries of her native Africa and references to      fashion and materialism make the work other-worldly 

Kevin      Francis Gray (10) I love that he is working with classical sculpture and old      master techniques while giving the work a decidedly contemporary twist in      its subject matter (goth girls with skull faces covered by a veil of      Swarovski crystals; ballerinas with mohaws). There is a darkness and      lightness to everything at the same time. 

Favorite Furniture/Object Designer

Campana Brothers (11) those sofas and stuffed animal chairs kill me. I covet their mix of luxury, art and playfulness together. 

Place where you like to go to escape and why:

Any city where there is an Aman resort (12) the second you arrive, every ounce of whatever stress you carry escapes you. Heaven. 

One fashion item that's currently obsessing you

Mary Katrantzou's biker jacket (13) her graphic prints are my obsession.