Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping

A fascinating look at her personal experiences and an insider's guide to art and design, 'Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping' presents with insight, humor, and flair the inspirations behind Maria Gabriela Brito's style, projects, and art obsessions


“It’s just so fabulous, the idea that you can  have an art collection at any price and that no one should be priced out of art  and anyone can live with vibrant, creative, imaginative, inspirational pieces in  their home. I personally have so many questions about collecting contemporary  art and this is Maria's business—advising her clients on how to start an  inspiring and affordable collection.”

-- Gwyneth Paltrow    

"Ms. Brito appears to be thriving, with a specialty of integrating art into personal  spaces, which she then sometimes will decorate as well"

-- The New York  Times

Nobody is better equipped than guru decorator and art consultant, Maria Brito,  to give advice to all who want to get a glimpse of the art and design world  through her infallible eye. Her book "Out There" shows us her expertise  including favorite contemporary artists, images of eight New York City  apartments that she decorated and her address book around the world. Welcome to  Brito's magic universe!"

-- Vogue Mexico and Latin America

"Maria is pure  style. It's so rare to see someone who can naturally pick the next trend, hot  artist...you name it ... She always gets it right!"  

--Cornelia Guest,  Author, Philanthropist and Designer

"Maria's new book, Out There (Pointed  Leaf Press), details that journey through more than 250 illustrations and essays  about her Venezuela beginnings, favorite galleries and the art of  entertaining."

-- Time Magazine

"Highlighting the search that goes  into each of the wonderfully quirky, modern and captivating works of art Brito finds for clients of her company Lifestyling to put in their exquisite homes,  Out There follows her travel-filled life and reveals how she became one  of the most in-demand decorators today" 

--DuJour Magazine

“Maria’s holistic approach to design, integrating client vision  with her personal experience, is a constant source of inspiration to me and my  own design practice. Her boundless creativity and infectious energy are what  drew me instantly to her; but it is her warmth and passion that truly set her  apart and make her unique in the world of art and design."

--Craig Appelbaum,  owner of Industry Gallery

“Maria is an artist in her own right when it comes to interior  design and placing art in the home. She is South American-hot in every way, with  a unique style that combines vibrant color and warm hues to create fabulous  living spaces. It is a testament to her exquisite taste that she treats art as  an integral part of the spaces she designs, adding elegant touches of irony and  humor to delight the homeowner and anyone else with a discerning eye.” 

--Catherine Levene, CEO of Artspace.com