Angel Otero and the Miracle of Memories

Video produced by Maria Brito. Camera: Peter Koloff. Editing: Maria Brito and Peter Koloff

James Rosenquist once said that “paintings are things to remember things by”.  When applied to Angel Otero’s newest body of work, the equation of adding memories to paintings gets exponentially richer: layers upon layers of discarded painting fragments and scrapes that Otero thought, were unsuccessful when created, are now brought back to life intermingled with found materials such as lace and wicker, reminiscent of objects imprinted in his memory from his upbringing in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. The name of the exhibition, “Milagros”, is a reference to the charms that people add to their jewelry or hang around the necks of religious statuettes as a means of showing gratitude for “good luck” or for favors received that are considered fulfilled “miracles”.

Angel Otero


Lehmann Maupin

501 W 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

Until April 20, 2019