Unique interior design starts with a place that has great bones.  Bathroom tiles, appliance selection and color combinations all contribute to unique interior design. It’s important for me to really understand my client’s lives and their preferences of unique interior design. I also have my own style and although I’m flexible, there’s a certain trademark that I bring to my creations, hence, the unique interior design that I’m able to provide.  I’m also a firm believer that any statement piece can inspire the design of an entire room and make it a unique interior design statement piece: a funky lamp, a fantastic wallpaper print, a gorgeously designed chair, an antique piece. 

 I love the unique interior design that comes from New York City since I love the patchwork of nationalities, colors, shops, vibrancy and energy that the city offers.  I also get a lot of inspiration from my trips around the world and that also contributes to my unique interior design style. I incorporate furniture, artifacts and accessories from around the world all the time and that is what makes my unique interior design thrive. I think creating a unique interior design is like any other creative discipline: it evolves with time and changes and adapts to circumstances.  However, for a unique interior design, creativity, spontaneity and eye-education are paramount.  For anyone to get a unique interior design, they must be willing to be creative and be themselves.  A unique interior design is that space that doesn’t repeat trends.  That’s key and probably one of the most important rule for a truly unique interior design.