Of Walls and Immigrants, a talk with Raul de Nieves

Video produced by Maria Brito. Camera: Peter Koloff. Editing Maria Brito and Peter Koloff.

It is not a secret that Raul de Nieves is one of my favorite artists; but my love for him isn’t just because of his work, it is because of who he is and his immense heart, respect and appreciation for people no matter who they are or where they come from. Being an immigrant myself, building a life for the last 20 years in this extraordinary country, and having the privilege and responsibility of becoming an American citizen is something that I don’t take lightly and neither does Raul.

I sat down with him in his studio, which is coincidentally located in Ridgewood, the border of Brooklyn and Queens, the most diverse and most immigrant-dense area in the entire United States, to talk about immigration, Mexico, building walls and tearing them down, mentally and physically if necessary. Humans are naturally and instinctively predisposed to love and to look for company and unity, not separation and hatred, regardless of politicians, temporary conditions and chaotic circumstances.  In the end, all walls fall.