Introducing Nir Hod x Maria Brito Fall/Winter 2016 Collection


Nir Hod is one of those artists whose exceptional range and painting skills allows him to transition from figurativism to abstractionism while always conveying a great amount of emotion to whoever comes in contact with his work.  

I'm very lucky to feature Nir as my collaborator for our Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Together, we designed 10 leather handbags using some of the most advanced printing technologies in order to reproduce his work with the greatest amount of integrity and faithfulness.  But more than that, it was the long conversations we had, the great opportunity to delve into the depth of his practice and the indefatigable curiosity of his brilliant mind coupled with my willingness to explore new ideas and techniques what made this collaboration so special. Nir truly pushed me hard to attain the best possible work and I'm thrilled to present these bags whose craftmanship and materials make them pieces of art in their own right.  

The entire collection is available to be preordered here.