Ten Pieces of Art to Love


For seasoned collectors, art lovers and people who are just to starting to look around, here is my selection based on the idea of love, lovers, sex and Valentine’s.  Yes, all those emotions that come from the abstract idea of love and the connection that it forges with our hearts can somehow be translated into amazing art.  The fact that anyone, anywhere in the world can buy any of these pieces with the click of a button is even more enticing –not to mention revolutionary and unthinkable even a couple of years ago.  And they can all be delivered to your doorstep. Just click on each picture and go straight to where you can buy them.  Happy Valentine’s! 

Love 2013
By Chris Bracey
By Marilyn Minter

The Book of Love # 3

by Robert Indiana

Hate/Love 2006

by Isaac Julien

Kiss Me

by Kent Christensen 

Kiss the Pixels

by Stefan Nenov

Fertility #4
By Keith Haring