Tracy Anderson's Corporate Apartment - A 48 Hour Makeover


When my close friend Tracy Anderson asked me to help her with the design of a corporate apartment for her and her team to be used in Los Angeles, I gladly accepted. But there was a challenge: to get it all done in 48 hours. Tracy hadn't even seen the space in person and she really needed to get the team close to the brand new Brentwood studio before and during the opening process and there wasn't a lot of time to spare.


I flew to Los Angeles on a Sunday night last November and while I was flying, I was planning my itinerary: where to go and how to get everything purchased and installed in just two days.  Thankfully,  things could not have been smoother. Tracy had assigned Jessica, an extraordinary member of her shooting  and production crew, who lives in Los Angeles, as my design assistant and invaluable West Coast liaison. In a way, I still can't believe I got this done so quickly. The first day, I went to see the space early in the morning, measured and took pictures. From then, it was an intense day of shopping. The best source for the absolute best prices for vintage mid-century modern furniture is a place called ModCrib LA on Figueroa Street and South Avenue. I got so many treasures there, I long for a place like that to open in NYC. The rest of the pieces where purchased in a variety of places ranging from chains like CB2 to fantastic Scandinavian design from Ikea. The second day, Jessica and I installed everything and at 9:00 pm she drove me back to the airport to get my flight back to NYC. The project was published in House Beautiful last month and here are some behind-the scenes images and some extra photos of the final product.