Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga


Another wonderful place to experience contemporary art in the Costa del Sol in the South of Spain is the celebrated Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga or "CAC".  What I loved the most about this museum is that it supports Spanish artists without neglecting amazing talents from the rest of the world.  The curatorship of the permanent collection is cohesive and well-thought and the rotating exhibitions including the current ones of Subodh Gupta and Eduardo Arroyo are fantastic.  I would have every work that I chose here in my own collection or I would get any of these pieces for my clients, except Subodh Gupta giant works which are exclusively museum-worthy due to their scale.  Without further ado, my highlights at the CAC: (1) Abraham LaCalle oil-on-canvas; (2) Matthew Ritchie mixed media installation; (3)Subodh Gupta mixed media installation; (4) Eduardo Arroyo sculpture on stone; (5) Matias Sanchez oil-on-canvas; (5) Sylvie Fleury neon; (7) Eduardo Arroyo mixed media sculptures; (8) Carlos Aires photograph (lambda print); (9) Susy Gomez mixed media on aluminum and wood; (10) Sudobh Gupta mixed media installation; (11) Carmen Calvo mixed media on photographic paper.