Keith Haring at the Musee D'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

The entrance to the massive show with a fantastic mural of Keith and his works on the back

I wanted to break the posts of my last visit to Paris into art, design, shopping and travel but I had to separate the images of the Keith Haring show at the  Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris called "The Political Line" and give them their own entry; first because I'm such a fan of Keith's work, second because after my first encounter with Keith's radiant babies and hearts in the MTA subway line number 1 about 30 years ago, his drawings stayed forever in my mind and third, because the show is so massive, so amazing, so well curated and so moving, that I could not just show only a few images but pretty much edited what I had to about half of the pictures I took.  The show has around 220 works and just so that the images below can make sense, the exhibition is divided into eight sections: The Individual Against the State; Capitalism; Works in the Public Space; Religion; Mass Media; Racism; Ecocide, Nuclear Threat and Apocalypses and Sex, AIDS and Death.  Never before, even after reading many books on Keith, going to several of his museum and gallery shows, talking to people at the Keith Haring Foundation, his friends and roommates, I understood Keith as well as I did with this exhibition.  If you go to Paris between now and August 18, please don't miss this show.