Happy Artsy Holidays!


Appropriation art is the use of pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation applied to them to generate new works.  Many renowned artists from Pablo Picasso to Vik Muniz have appropriated images as means to an end: to create a fresh take on something that has inspired them at some point.  I designed this Holiday card appropriating elements of artworks that are either in my own collection and inspire me every day or from artists that I admire and who have experimented with different media to create Christmas-inspired works. Highlights include from top left clockwise: Robert Indiana's "Love"; Peter Eudenbach's "Chimera" Jeff Koons's "Balloon Dog"; Keith Haring's "A Very Special Christmas"; Jake Pierson's "Believe"; Assume Vivid Astro Focus's "Ney" and Jacob Hashimoto's "Albero"

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!  Thank you for being such an extraordinary community of people who love art, design and beautiful things.  The best is yet to come.  

Lots of love,