Studio Visit with Everest Hall

Everest Hall is not only an accomplished artist who received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his MFA from Yale School of Art but he is also fun, humble, stylish and so confident in who he is - and in my eyes, that only makes him so much better at everything he does.  

Everest's works are mostly mixed media on paper - usually small to medium scale, colorful, autobiographical vignettes and scraps of a well-lived life. Bellwether Gallery in New York and Richard Gray Gallery in Chicago were some of the first galleries to exhibit Everest’s works in very successful solo shows.  Additionally, he participated and is still showing in many group exhibitions nationally and internationally. 

 After hurricane sandy flooded his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn last October, Everest moved to a gorgeous and bright space in SoHo.  There, he has focused his efforts on reworking some of the damaged pieces in a way that feels liberating and cathartic. What I love about Everest's works is the amount of details, the use of saturated hues and the clear reflection of a very optimistic view in life. All these qualities translate so well into what I do and what my clients want: beautiful art that makes them feel happy and connected, that triggers thinking and that engages the eye. 

His newest body of work -which I love and can see in any collection displayed in groups-, is composed of small pieces on paper; notes taken while Everest is painting and layering images, colors and textures on found postcards.  These pieces are being exhibited in a group show at the Galerie Laroche/Joncas (the New York branch is located on 215 Bowery) which runs until mid-November and must be seen in person.

This is the newest body of work that Everest created.  It's being shown at the Galerie Laroche/Joncas on Bowery until mid-November.